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Hey guys i just wanted to let you all know i have ideas for blogs i want to post but will be moving in the next few months so i havent posted them yet but once the move is complete and i get settled into the new place you can bet ill be posting alot more frequently


A request blog

If there is something you guys would like to see how i feel about it, or my opinions on it, or if it’s a product then whether or not i like it and think its a good product (and let’s be reasonable here folks I’m a guy so I’m not going to try feminine hygiene products for a blog just like if its something really expensive I’m not buying it, ill just try to find someone who has one) feel free to comment on this blog, or any of my other blog posts for that matter, past or future posts and let me know what you all want to see.

I mean yeah this is my blog, it’s about my thoughts and opinions, but it’s FOR you, the reader, to be gaining from.  So let me know what you guys want to see.

Concealed carry holsters

thgis is just a quick little thought not so much as a blog post.  with as many big/tall people as there are in the USA why does hardly anyone concealed carry, or even open carry for that matter, full size handguns?  i mean ok yeah they are heavier and bulkier and harder to conceal but there is enough full size nuts out there that SOMEBODY has to be carrying full size.

i was looking for a IBW holster for my XD-45 5″ and after like 2 hours of looking had only found 1. Really?? i loved having zero choices, thanks market

A little rant on blizzard entertainment



Yeah if you play pc games you probably know who these guys are.  the creators of some epic games through the years.  Starcraft, Starcraft 2, Diablo, Diablo 2, Diablo 3, warcraft, warcraft 2, warcraft 3, world of warcraft, the lost vikings, and blackthorn are the only ones i know of, there may be more.

the games are great, but the customer service and reliability not so much so. World of warcraft was i started to see this because of people hacking accounts.   they would sell your shit, send the gold to thier account, delete your characters, sometimes even just steal your account to either play cuz they didnt want to pay for it or so they could sell gold on some shady website and make money off of your account. I was hacked twice.

The first time was because i was not at the time using what everyone now knows as an authenticator.  for the few of you that dont know what it is, it’s a small device that goes on a keychain (or if you have a smart phone there is a free mobile authenticator app) that pings the server every like 10 seconds generating a new code that you need to have, and have typed in correctly before it expires, to login to any of the games on or itself.

After i recovered my account from that hack i got an authenticator added to my account (i used the mobile app for android) and made my account safe.  well i decided to stop playing for awhile and took the authenticator off my account in case i wanted to play again in the future, knowing that there was a good chance i would have uninstalled the app from my phone and would have been royally fucked. During that time i was hacked, and only found out because a friend of mine told me he saw my characters in game even though he knew i was no longer playing.

so i called up blizzard, after HOURS of waiting on the phone i gave them my account name, password, cd key for the game, etc etc etc and recovered my account once again, and ended up adding game time and playing for a bit.

Well, at that point i went ahead and bought the actual authenticator keychain figuring the hell with it, i would just never remove it from the account and would make sure i did not lose it and i wouldnt have to worry about it again.  It seems i was wrong. Diablo 3 came out and i came in my pants as i installed it to my laptop.  played the fuck out of it for a few months then lost the time to play between work, things i had to do at home, helping friends out with thier problems, and spending time with my girlfriend.

I havent played in about 2ish months i think, and decided to get on today while over at a friends house with my laptop and me and him get in game together and play for awhile before i had to pick up my gf from work.

turns out my fucking authenticator is no longer working, and the codes it is giving me are not authenticating with and letting me login.

so now im going through what will undoubtedly be an extremely tedious process of getting an unworking authenticator removed from my account so i can add another mobile authenticator and be able to play my fucking game again.


blizzard entertainment, you need to step up the quality of your security measures.  gamers like me that end up going through shit like this end up not wanting to ever use your products again. there is NO FUCKING POSSIBLE WAY i am the only one that has had to deal with this, and if it keeps up i feel certain you will start to see a serious decline in your population.  I for one only want to play diablo but if something like this ever happens again after i get it fixed this time i know you certainly will not be seeing anymore of my money, and im willing to bet there are many others out there that think the same way after going through this kind of shit.

Batman premiere shooting in colorado

CNN: Police in Aurora, Colorado, say 71 people were shot in movie theater massacre: 12 were killed, and 59 were injured.


when i first read that copied and pasted line above on facebook this morning i was stunned. Not so much because there was a mass shooting, people go nuts and shoot other people all the time it seems to be the american way for the past 50 years, but that it was at a fucking movie.  REALLY?!?! I mean its just shameful that we cant even go see a fucking movie without some asshole shooting the place up.  its just sickening.

So, first off i want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the victims families oh this worthless asshole that decided to go all columbine in a theatre.  they did nothing wrong except apparently want to go see a movie on its first night out.  There is no reason this should have happened whatsoever and its one more thing that is making me slowly lose faith in humanity itself. I only with i had been there, with a .45 ACP and a concealed carry permit.  i would have SERIOUSLY lowered the fatality and wounding rate. the worst part is the mental scars that most of the people in that theatre will now have to deal with for the rest of their lives.  These were movie going people, on a whole thats not the type of person that can watch this kind of shit go down in front of them and not leave them a little fucked up.  I also read a report that an infant was point blank shot.  this truly is the worst part of it to me.

Secondly, i have some words for the asshole that went trigger happy for batman. FUCK YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT. I wish the government would let me have just 5 fucking minutes in his cell alone unguarded if he is in jail.  i did not read enough to find out if he died in the threatre or was arrested so i dont know which is which but if hes in jail i want just 5 minutes alone with that mother fucker.  ill make him BEG for death LONG before i give it.  its mother fuckers like him that are why we have this bullshit UN small arms treaty floating around, regardless that i dont see it ever passing.  its mother fuckers like this that are the reason people feel the need to walk around with a gun all the time.  its mother fuckers like this that bring shame not only to america but to the human race as a whole and i hope the devil makes his punishment in hell feeling the unending torment of the pain and fear of all the people who were in there when he shot up the place.  i hope he feels FOREVER what they felt for those probably 15-30 minutes last night.

This is why we need to protect our 2nd ammendment rights to own and carry firearms people. Worthless mother fuckers like this. I dont know about any of you people reading this, but some piece of shit like him starts firing off shots at me i want to be able to shoot back and protect myself.  i mean what do YOU want to be?  morally superior and a victim, or a good shot and able to protect you and yours.


and before you anti gun rights people come in here and start commenting shit like “if we didnt have guns on the streets like that this kind of shit would not happen”



If the criminals gave a shit about the laws that restrict americans from being able to carry a gun everywhere they go, THEY WOULDNT BE CRIMINALS. If the criminals gave a shit about the laws AT ALL, they WOULD NOT BE CRIMINALS. Think about it for a second as you read my words. Law passes that says we cant own concealed weapons, permit or not.  every american that has a carry permit throws it away since its not useless and leaves thier guns at home. The criminals, WHO BY DEFINITION, DO NOT OBEY THE LAW, are now the only people aside from cops/military/government who have guns when not at home. now, your leaving for the sake of todays argument a theatre at night around ill say 11ish, and some guy comes up and pulls a gun.  you are now defenseless and have to do exactly as he says or the criminal will likely kill you and whoever is with you.  if you had that gun though and were paying attention to your surroundings closely like your suposed to when carrying a loaded weapon, you could have pulled yours as he pulled his and either scared him into dropping his gun and waiting for the cops to show up, shot him as he aimed at you, or died trying. 

lets see which is better.  being fucked 100% of the time, or 33.3% of the time?


i went way off topic there i know, but the point remains the same.  american citezens should have the right to choose if we have a gun on us for scenarious like this bat happy fuck that got his rocks off and wasting a bunch of people that were just trying to have a good time and ruining a lot of lives.

It starts now

Well i was authoring a few blogs on friend of mines page, however i wasn’t posting enough there and those pages got deleted, so now I’m making my own blog to cover whatever i end up feeling like posting about.  Be prepared to read about games, guns, survival gear, zombie shit, and just generally whatever else i feel like posting about.  Probably will end up having some shit about computers, electronics, you name it its going to eventually end up on here.